Being part of the #EngagORS Community – Guest post by Stella Holman

I have always enjoyed being part of a community and so being part of the international “EngagORS ” community is very rewarding for me. I’m a home based business and I work remotely, so it lovely to have online support just at the tip of my fingers and the functions within a team on Slack to receive some support and guidance. Interactivity online is for the benefit of all who participate which creates positive energy and enthusiasm which is attractive and the group membership has increased very quickly. The results for each individuals analytic statistics have been favourable also as daily interaction and support increases the Klout scores.
The group has given me opportunity to understand other people’s efforts to strive to be successful in their individual business projects and given me the insight to see people’s strengths.

This group is a wonderful opportunity to meet potential collaborators.

Stella Holman, @stella_holman


What is #EngagORS

This is the Blog for the #EngagORS community.

It’s worth explaining what this is.

#EngagORS was born as a social media community originally using the WhatsApp messaging platform. It was originally called #Klout70

The idea around this was to help people understand social media and move to a higher Klout score. Klout is a service that measures social impact, it’s not a perfect measure, but certainly an indication about understanding social media.

Thomas Power has been instrumental in getting the #Klout70 group started via his CSC -> ORS journey as coined in June 2009

He describes it in the video

CSC stands for Closed Selective and Controlling, which is a state in which you find corporations. However, with the birth of social networking, the balance is shifting to a more open system, in which Thomas dubbed, ORS – Open Random and Supportive. This very cleverly explains the social journey in which individuals and corporations have been going through to embrace the new economy of social. Those trailblazing this way of thinking are winning in business.

As the group evolved, it adopted the #EngagORS name and moved from WhatsApp and onto the Slack messaging platform, where it currently resides.